Urban jungle: space time. The life goes by

My project was born in the streets of the Italian capital city of Rome. In particular, at the closest bus stop to my home place and that leads me to my job place every day. The project was born the day I first had the perception of the time goes by, waiting standing in the bus for forty-five minutes from home to work, while nothing was happening. I had the feeling it was an eternal moment that would not end, and that I could not have gotten back in any way. From the day after, I’ve started taking my camera with me, starting documenting those bus stop, the waiting, the people, and their feelings. When I got home, I saw the photos and I found there the frustration, the anxieties, the late arrivals, the goodbyes. I looked again at those photographs I could have seen their faces again, and I recognize myself in those eyes, and I did not feel lonely. I thought about how much the life spent at the bus stop is lived life, and real life just like the one spent in good company. And I decided to spent the time the best I can.


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